Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Harris!

Today is Harris' 25th birthday and after knowing Harris for 7 years, I've been around long enough to hear the story of his birth. From what I've gathered from various family members, Harris' beginning starts in Colorado where is Mother, Janet, was laying (lying??) in her waterbed when she thought she had to pee. As she tried to get out of the waterbed her water-broke. Irony? I think yes. But I have heard countless times how Harris was the biggest of all her babies. Though we will never really know since Kyle was born at almost 9lbs and 6 weeks premature. The story goes that Janet pushed for 3 hours** and after Harris' head came out, it took another hour to push his shoulders out and Harris was finally here. All the nurses kept calling Harris Karl Mecklenburg, a linebacker for the Denver Broncos.

I would say that after seeing a picture of Mecklenburg, the nurses were very accurate in their description, though I haven't seen baby pictures (maybe someday in Texas??). But regardless of how my husband entered this world, I am so very glad that he did! Harris has always been at the center of the madness and crazy that comes with having 6 brothers and sisters. While I didn't know him as a kid, I laugh as I hear the crazy stories of Harris and his friends having crazy adventures, wrestling with his brother and breaking his mothers brand new couch, throwing gravel at his brother and missing and breaking the sliding glass window, and being a naughty trouble maker! (making this list is making me think it's a good thing we don't have boys haha!)  But the memories that I have been there for makes me all the more glad that Harris was born. 

Harris is shy among those who he doesn't know. He is silly and loud around those that he does. Harris is a super-hero to our girls when he throws them in the air and takes them on shoulder rides. He can be moody, but is a romantic at heart. Harris is silly and loves to procrastinate and more often than not, produces his best work under pressure. He loves sports and can eat anything and not gain a pound. He willingly does the dishes so his wife doesn't have to and just as willingly orders pizza when I don't want to cook.  This is just a small list of the things that make me love my husband. But most importantly, Harris has a need and want to gain a greater testimony of the gospel. He leads our family in prayer, and gives us blessings when we need it. He could easily not try and let these small acts fall to the wayside, but Harris fights to keep these small things important in our family. 

So I guess that all this lengthy post is trying to say is that I am so happy that my husband was born! What a great guy he is growing up to be. 

**All information in this post is strictly hearsay... so forgive me if I am wrong on any of the above facts :)


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I got a present on your 25th b-day. Shayna writing that you are exercising your priesthood in your home. Woot. Woot. :) Great job son... Super Harris! Hope you had a great birthday. Did you get my voicemail? Where were you on your birthday?